Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RBN Appearance


Today my wife and I are driving up to Austin. I will be a guest of John Stadtmiller's on his show, The National Intel Report. The show will air at 1600 hours central time. Please tune in to Republic Broadcasting Network. This will be a memorial show about our father.

Thanks for listening.

Jay Stang


  1. Hi Jay,

    You and I met in Austin at a Ron Paul meetup to watch the Republican primary debate a couple of years ago. We stood outside afterwards with Rick and another guy, talking and debating for a couple of more hours. We talked about your Dad some and after that I made a point to look up some of his articles. He was more than just prolific, his writings inspired a love of liberty and a willingness to fight for it. We will miss his talent!

    My condolences to you and your mother on your loss. Thank you for posting about you father seeing the Savior in his last moments. What a great message for him to leave for us!

    Karl Brooks

  2. Karl,

    It is the best kind of message for him to leave us. Read the quote at the top of the page. In my opinion that says it all.

  3. Hi Jay,
    Looks like you put in some late hours like me. But you do have a baby. 3:00 am feeding and blogging, who would have ever thought.

    I am a nurse and I worked a 14 hour shift Sunday night and slept til late Monday eve, and the first thing I do every day when I get up is check RBN for the news. When I saw the headline and your dad's picture the tears and just saying "no", "no" would not stop. I have a soft spot for old folks and being a nurse I can tell you when we get folks like your dad who are so full of history, who worked so hard, lived uncoruptable lives with just the basics, we fight over who is going to get to take care of them. Which usually does not matter any way cause we're all in their rooms spoiling them and trying to soak in their wisdom.
    I loved your dad so much. I feel like I lost one of my own family members. Your mom is so nice, I bought a guardian from them, and she is just the nicest person to deal with. Your dad too, when I would listen to his shows he always had this patience with his callers, even the off beat ones. He let them relay their perspective and he respectfully educated them in the right direction. Here lately some don't have that patience and it hurts the movement, it turns people off and they lose the desire to find the truth. The first time I listened to him I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. Alan is what, to those of us who became disenfranchised from the MSM, the church, and even entertainment were looking for. He's it in one package. A historian, journalist, with a Christian message, that could make you laugh, and bring home the reality of what we face.
    What the nurses said about his passing being very unusual is right on. I've been an ICU nurse for 11 years and have never seen it either. They fade away slowly, trend down, and go in stages. That right there told me he saw Jesus. He made a statement not to long ago that the only answer to all of this "is in the arms of Jesus." Thats were he went at that final moment.
    Jay, some animals get on comment/chat boards on these patriot sites. They have no souls, no morals, no values, and have a dark spot where a heart and a brain should be. Don't give them the time of day or an ounce of your energy. You have a wonderful site here and as a fan I would love to see (or have a hunger for) a book about the details of his life and how he got started and the many stories of what he did to fight for God and country.
    Lastly, probably tomorrow I would like to start a subject called STANGISMS and make a list of his pet names and joke names that others can add to. Such as:
    Also Known As
    Mr. Big Ears
    Nancy Pelousi
    Shawn Hannitwirp
    Mike Weiner
    Weiner Nation
    Mrs. Billy Bubba Slime
    Slime Magazine
    Behind Enemy Lines in Sanfreaksicle
    etc. for any others to add.

    Hope that is OK with you. If you need anything let us know. I work only on weekends and any typing, research, help compiling informaiton, just let me know, it would be a privledge top keep Alan's flame going and growing.


  4. Monica,

    When I was a kid, for many years, I thought the leader of Communist China was named Mousy Dung. He also told me he was 28 four years in a row. I finally caught on when I was 9.

    Jay Stang

  5. Hi, I've been trying to post this for the past week, but keep having problems:

    Alan Stang Memorial

    Alan Stang, RIP

    Alan Stang Passes Away

    Author, radio host Alan Stang dies



    Archived versions of Alan Stang’s home page*/*/

    Alan Stang on Amazon


    Alan Stang in the press

    Joe from NY

  6. Joe,

    I am not sure what you mean by posting. Are you trying to post that on your blog/website?

    Jay Stang

  7. Jay,

    Sorry for any confusion -- I was having problems posting in the comments section, but obviously that seems to have been resolved. Hope the links were helpful.