Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Things Never Change...

I did a google search on my father today to see what the buzz was. I found a piece on the JBS website. I left a comment that in hindsight might have been a little confrontational. I am paraphrasing now, but this is what I said:


So you guys did a piece on my dad. Amazing, it took him dying for you to mention him. Well, you got a few facts wrong, but at least you mentioned him. It is a shame, he spent many years fighting for this country in the Society, but you have let that work go to waste by allowing the Society to become the stunted husk that it is now.

Thanks, McManus!

P.S. If you moderate comments you can take the easy way out and delete it, but you will know what you are.

I probably should not have done that, but it made me a little angry. All these years they have claimed my dad did not know how the society worked, and he didn't know what was in Robert Welch's mind. They said he was a digruntled employee who didn't know anything. Now that he is gone, they are claiming him a long lost son. Jack McManus is even remembering fond stories about him. Whatever.

Of course, the comment was deleted shortly after I posted it.

Any John Birchers out there, this is not directed at you. I am disgruntled at my dad's treatment by the leadership of the society.


  1. Hey, Man. Don't be too down in the dumps. He KNEW God, OBEYED Him,And next to Ronald Reagan who contacted prophecy teachers, your Dad is now in heaven with President Reagan. May God Bless BOTH men! I KNOW the Lord WILL BLESS BOTH men!My Sympathy to you and the rest of the familes! We'LL ALL see and KNOW each other there! MY heart bleeds with yours!

  2. I only became aware of Alan and his accomplishments during the last 2 years. I read his columns on News With Views avidly and listened on his radio program, The Sting Of Stang. I also enjoyed him as a guest on other talk radio shows. What I now found remarkable about Alan is that he never held back when attacking any of the sacred cows or hypocrisies of our time. Most culture critics have a "pet shibboleth" -- if you will -- that they never touch and refuse to denounce. Alan went after all the evils of this world with equal ferocity. He was a "color-blind" and "race-blind" critic of the highest order. So sorry for your personal loss and the larger loss of Alan's example to the rest of us in the battle against tyranny. God bless him for having touched so many lives.

  3. Being misunderstood by the JBS puts him in company with Will Grigg, another fearless articulate fighter loyal to The Almighty and graced with heavy brain power. Take it as a compliment.
    Discovered the great Mr. Stang by reading one of his columns on News With Views around a year ago. Not only was it the best writing on that entire site, it provided a desperately needed perspective. He changed my life. Each column after was a thrilling experience, an education, an inspiration, and a joyful encounter with the unexpected. Especially enjoyed his wild and laser sharp sense of humor, unique bits magnifying the absurdities of the enemy, incomparable. That he could be so aware, so wise, so fearless, and consistently laugh the laugh of confident faith.... Broke me up to learn of his passing, such a loss to those with ears to ear; but also because he had the ability to communicate his very true and truly rare love for Jesus Christ made him a brother and friend.

  4. Jay, your father was not the only one to experience the McManus hatchet. My husband, who worked side with your dad, was "discharged" by the JBS because he knew what Mr. Welch believed and was horrified at what was happening to the Society under McManus rule. Many years of hard work meant nothing and my husband was fired via a brief phone call. Pretty hard to find employment when you're 60 years old and your resume is politically incorrect having worked for the JBS for the better part of your productive years. I do believe the JBS bought years of time through the educational efforts of its membership - years of time for other, younger patriots to carry the banner for freedom.

  5. During the 1970's I attended John Birch Society summer camps with Alan. I will never forget his humour, his marvelous intellect, his stories. What an incredible human being. My condolences to the family. Rest in peace Alan.

  6. I was not aware of Alan's passing. I am stunned, to say the least. I used to go over to Santo Domingo and visit him and his family when Gail was home schooling and even doing a movie at the time. Gail used to fly into San Juan and do her shopping. The Stangs were very special to me, indeed. Learned a lot and won't ever forget the night I finally got to dance with him on one wonderful tropical night.
    Remember Gail? My husband even approved.... too fun.... very fond memories, indeed!